Understand God’s Message for Today

If you are like most Americans, you have a Bible in your home… somewhere. So why don’t we read and understand the most popular and best-selling Book on planet Earth? Why do we open the Book, read a few paragraphs and set it down to collect dust again? With all the turmoil in the world, the Bible has become more important than ever before! In the Bible, you’ll find history, prophecy and most important…. you’ll see how much God truly loves you!

My Bible Coach is here to help you find the answes to every aspect of life. We believe that God doesn’t lie, wants you to have the best life on Earth and beyond, and has given us His Word to teach us what we need to know to have power over sin and learn what He has planned for is for eternity. 

God’s Word is the ONLY thing we can trust and we’ll help you find the gems He has in His pages.

So let’s get started! What method of learning works for you? We’ll take that approach in a personal way just for you:

  • In person (in the Lower Florida Keys)
  • By Mail (studies and communication are mailed or emailed back and forth)
  • Online (coming soon)

Did we mention that this is a FREE SERVICE? All we require is time set aside to learn of God with an open mind. The Bible is THE key to life’s answers. It IS understandable, once you have learned how to find those answers. 

We use coaches to be better athletes, to prepare for school tests and to encourage us for self-improvement. Coaches provide information - yes - but more than that, they teach you how to learn for yourself! That is also what My Bible Coach will do for you.